Friday, 5 March, 2010

"The next management Guru"

Pathways -my Blog - though little more than one year old - it is still do not have any single subject focus as such . Postings also have sometime too big gap between them .... (Doesn't that happens often on all blogs !! ).

I am using my blog as a public journal of my learning and thought process. And I am still learning the tricks of trades about what to blog ,when to blog and how !. I am neither tracking about readership ( How many ? ) nor its development and I wish to keep this in the same way.

Then I feel elevated when Angushman asked me suddenly to contribute on TNMG.

I feel TNMG is a nice effort particularly in the area of Management and Business studies . And being group blog - there is synergy from different areas of management . Readership is also growing . Few of them comment at different places like Facebook ,twitter or on mail. Reader feedback and comments do motivate one to write more. So I hope I will contribute more in the area of Organization Behavior. So watch the place.

I have two posts on TNMG ,
and hope to write more ( what should be the ideal target , post a week ? or post a month ?)

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Angshu said...

Thanks a lot for ur nice articles and now this encouraging post. Looking forward to see some more awesome articles from u in coming days. By the way "communication" became a hot story on digg ( with more than 50 votes from across the world. Keep up the good work! :)