Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

Smile and Move - A excellent Presentation.

I am interested in developing presentation and speaking skills . And I keep on following some blogs/sites related to it . Further try to collect the motivating and excellent examples. Here is one more excellent presentation "Smile and Move" , I found it on "The Extreme Presentation Blog".

Thursday, 20 August, 2009

Spirituality and Job Satisfaction - 1

In general IT (Information Technology) industry in India is considered lucrative and IT professionals are said to earn comparatively higher salaries .Still attrition rates are very high in IT industry. As attrition (Or employee turnover) is negatively related to the job satisfaction , there are various attempts to increase Job Satisfaction to address the issue.

Spirituality at workplace is being explored and researched as one of the means to boost performance,change attitude towards work and increase job-Satisfaction .This Survey is intended to study spirituality and job satisfaction among Indian IT professionals. Some of the questions that we are probing in this survey -
  • Is spiritual belief prevalent among Indian IT professionals ?
  • Whether Job-Satisfaction and spirituality are related in anyway ?
  • Is onsite/Abroad opportunities/postings impacts the above relationship ?
  • In general whether spiritual belief & Values guide & shape behavior of IT professionals ?
Please revisit the blog for further updates on the survey.

Tuesday, 11 August, 2009

Excellent Presentation - on Social Media

The subject is interesting and appealing ,but additionally the whole presentation is nicely prepared . A excellent case for making self-explanatory impressive presentations ,

Monday, 10 August, 2009

A case for Statistics !

As a student of science and then engineering , I studied calculus .

I am sure that its true for majority of management students in India , many are from Engineering background. And for all of them Statistics is a shock . Still a bigger shock for non-quanta background students ( like humanities and arts ).

Here is a impressive clip by Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin . He argues the case for Statistics. In a interesting way he explains why calculus forms major part of our mathematical study and more important - why it should be replaced by Statistics . Being a student of management science ,I really appreciate argument and hope statistics will form a major part of basic education in future.

Those who wish to see Arthur's magic check here.