Thursday, 19 July, 2012

Perils of higher Education !

Unemployment vs. Education level. (Ref-1)
The times of India article mentions , "Higher your education, harder it is getting a job" .

So true .

The data in the article is converted in the bar-chart for the want of better presentation.

So probably we have one more reason for not going for higher education, and the figures are startling in rural regions. This is unlike the other countries where higher education normally fetches the better opportunities.

This is like a high-light on the recent news article that says - seats for engineering and MBA schools are vacant - as there are more number of students than seats.

Points to really ponder for stakeholders in higher education. 

Ref-1 : Data is picked up from the times of India article :

Wednesday, 18 July, 2012

"7 Habits" : A Management Guru Stephen Covey - passed away.

Stephen Covey , The author of the best seller "7 Habits of highly effective people" passed away.

I hooked to  this book ,when I just passed out of engineering college. Since then I kept visiting this book , as well as the workbook and his website often. In my opinion if one is allowed to pick up only one self-help book , one should pick up "7 Habits" . No wonder it is best seller for many years and the author is regarded as a management guru for well known established firms.  Though he had other books to his credit, 7 habits is the best of them all.

7 Habits is wonderful book. The habits rests one on another, they are interlinked. The book has whole ecosystem of workbook, website, audiobooks and training courses based on it. So for every taste of learning style , there is serving resource.  So get "7 Habits" on your priority list this year for further development.

And ,may his soul rest in peace.

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