Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Future Success and Delayed Gratification

Here is interesting experiment ,( And funny too ) - which evaluates delayed gratification and links it with future success. I find it interesting . I wonder whether the traditional Indian wisdom of asking children to wait for everything has links with success ?

More-over - it does mean that self-discipline is really important in all walks of life .

Still experiment raises one question in mind - whether ( in general ) 1/3rd population has more potential for success ?

Chinese Mania of learning English

It is well known fact that India's one of the strength is its English speaking population - but see the way china is bridging the gap - no wonder that it will be world's largest English speaking country soon.

Communication - Excellent short film

What a nice and touching short film about Communication ..

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Amazing Inspiring video

Looks like cadbury people have created this - but it is amazingly creative.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - always inspiring

Jonathan Livingstone seagull - by Richard bach which echoes typical vedantic views ( I think ) about continuous learning and development so as to work towards excellence. And gives the message that perfection is not only life-long but passion beyond life.

Achieving your childhood Dream

This is one of the phenomenal and really inspiring lecture by Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch. Everyone who wish to achieve his/her dream must watch this .

Forgot to Live ....

I found this on web , somewhere - I think posted by Gautam Ghosh. Picture and the comments are so appealing that I thought of posting them again here.

Friday, 22 May, 2009

Japan Market Expansion Competition

If you are foreigner in Japan , then you already know that how difficult it is to get insight about how business works in Japan and why certain things - which prima facie looks very normal to you ,don't work in Japan.There is a way to get around this problem and understand intricacies of Japanese business - enroll for JMEC.

JMEC is Japan Market Expansion Competition ,though it is named as a competition - it is an intensive learning program that runs approximatly from October till June. Essenec of program is "writting a real time business Plan" in a live environment. Program is divided in two phases. In first phase you learn over a period of around 6 saturdays sessions. These lecturs and workshops covers practical aspects of Japanese business from experienced business players. This lecture series is like mini-MBA that will make you sensitive towards issues and practices specific to Japan. Then participants are segregated into different teams with confidentiality pledges. They meet project sponser - a real firm who is doing business in Japan or willing to enter Japanese Market. Team - guided by mentor and a consultant ,works on market entry problem and submit "Business Plan" to JMEC appointed Judges and Project sponser.

JMEC Judges grades these plans. Team gets a chance to present and defend this plan to judges and the client. This presentation is graded and combined grades will decide the three top winners out of all competiting teams. This competition sprit is the principal motivating factor behind high quality plans.

If you are university degree holder working in Tokyo , fluent in English and have minimum 2 years of experience , you can apply for JMEC.

JMEC is a very good opportunity -

* If you want to expand your horizons beyond the nuts-n-bolts of your daily grind.
* Great to network in multinational environment as participants are from many countries.
* Ideal to hone your language skills in business settings as each team has Japanese and English speakers.
* Gain practical business skills like market research , financial planning, strategy and time management.
* Yes and you can win exciting prizes and earn a certificate of participation - which is valued.