Friday, 19 December, 2008

Managerial Style & Financial Fiasco

Though theory states about different managerial styles like AUTHORITATIVE , COERCIVE ,DEMOCRATIC and so on . But fact boils down to how "managed employees" look at you as a boss.

This is further high lighted by recent confession by many managers in financial industry that they were not aware that trouble was brewing .

This BBC article throws light on why !

So mere 7% of employees , who think that the boss is "kind" , reported that the managers listened to them. Further research indicated that "kind" bosses gets superior results.

This new generation Y, ( not only in US ,but in other part of world too ) is seeking change in managerial styles. Article further stresses that "Kind" bosses are not doormats , but like respectful knowledgeable parents with integrity.

So the qualities required are different than what the contemporary textbooks are conveying.

Tuesday, 9 December, 2008

Obesity - Metabolic Syndrome and HR

Obesity ! What HR has to do with it . looks like a natural Question.

But in the Country like Japan , where salary-man spends most of his time in office - is closely linked , at least Authorities think so. So For employees ( And there dependents too ) measuring the waist-line is mandatory. This is an attempt to promote more healthy living as well as to keep tab on rising health care costs.

All employees above 40 will take this test. The number is estimated above 56 Million employees . Health ministry says 13 million suffer from Metabolic syndrome and further 14 million are at risk.

Tab is - firm has to cut number of overweight worker by 10% by 2012 , else they will face surcharge for elderly health care costs.

Personally most will support initiative , (And recent research like one in this link on BBC also underlines impact of waist-line on health. ). But it will be interesting to see how firms will respond to these regulations in coming days.

Monday, 1 December, 2008

Lay offs reach Japan

World economy is heavily interconnected and flicker in any economy creates ripples everywhere. So how the Japan will escape the fact that US economy is in down trend ?

In general the credit crunch is hitting everyone. Automobile industry in US is struggling to survive. This has direct impact on Automobile industry in Japan too.

Here is the news article on the same.

Japan too is heavily dependent on Auto-industry and the lay-offs and job-cuts in this segment will have impact on all other sections in Japan.

Japan brace up for the roller-coaster ride , here is my another take on coping with lay-offs